Saturday, December 15, 2012

First solids!

The babies' will be 8 months old (8 months?!?) next week, and are a little over 5 months adjusted. We were aiming to start solids around 6 months adjusted, but we decided to go ahead and start yesterday. They have really been showing us that they are ready the past month or so by sitting up, watching intently and smacking their little mouths while we eat, grabbing our food (Corbin's first food came very close to being a chocolate cupcake), etc. While thawing out some breast milk a couple of weeks ago, I got curious and gave them all a spoonful of slushy milk to see how they would do. Their tongue thrust reflexes were completely gone and they did really well, so I knew we would be starting soon.

First time in their table!
Our quad table came in, which was a Christmas gift from Larry's Mom and Santa.... but we really wanted to get it set up. The day after we did, I decided to give solids a whirl, and was really nervous. I know that babies' that had been tube fed for a while could have issues with eating solids, and ours were tube fed for quite a while. Thankfully, it is looking like I may not have to worry, because they did GREAT! We originally wanted to start with sweet potatoes, but we had an avocado on hand, and they are also a great first food. I just mashed it up with a fork really well and stirred in some breast milk to thin it a bit. In a perfect world, I would use four bowls and four spoons, or even four spoons and one bowl... but we live in quad world, so one bowl and one spoon is looking like the route we are taking.

Yum yum yum
We just stuck them in their table, buckled them in, and away we went! We got lots of hilarious faces, but overall they did so much better than I expected. They chewed it around and swallowed it down. Allie kept making the most awful faces but kept screaming at me until I gave her more. I think Abby was the least thrilled with it, she did great eating it but I do not think she liked the flavor too well. The boy's both did really well, too. I gave everyone some more avocado tonight and even made it a little more textured, and they devoured the entire bowl and screamed for more. Or everyone but Abby, that is. She still was not a big fan of the taste but still ate quite a bit. Hopefully she will like it better when we move on to sweet potatoes in a couple of days.

Ella helping out
Happy babies'!
These videos aren't the best because I was videoing with my phone while feeding them, and you can hear Larry taking an insane amount of photos, but it's all I have! These are of their very first bites.

And that's about it! Christmas post and FAQ post hopefully coming up soon!


  1. LOVE the videos!!! And laughed at all the flashes of Larry taking pictures. That definitely was a ton of photos. Lol.

  2. Adorable! I'm on the BBC July 2012 board & was just thinking about how you all are doing. I love the table. We saw one like it at the daycare we were visiting. I think it's super smart to have. Hope the littles are doing well & looking forward to the next post.