Monday, February 13, 2012

19 weeks and counting

And the fun part of the pregnancy begins!! I am pretty dang large as this point, I am as big as I was the day I delivered Ella at 38 weeks, yikes! It's getting hard to move around easily and I can hardly breathe. Corbin is laying straight across up in my ribs, so I am sure that is why! BUT everything is going good still at this point! At our 18 week anatomy scan, all the babies were around the 50th percentile or larger! Abby, Carson, and Corbin all checked out fine, but there may be an issue with Allie's heart. They are going to check again next week, and I am praying that everything is okay with her. It's really scary to think there could be something wrong with her on TOP of them being premature and having a hard time with that... I don't want any of them to have any other issues added to that! But I am trying to stay positive and just hope it was just a shadow/issue with one of the pictures they got, the doctor said that was a good possibility! My cervix is still holding out like a champ (even though that can change any minute), and was measuring at 5.5cm during our anatomy scan, which is twice as long as what they "need" it to be.

 Abby's profile

Carson's profile

Allie's profile

Corbin's profile

And his cute little feet!

Aren't they so cute?!  ;) And they were definitely correct on the genders, it was extremely obvious this go round. I have finally gotten over my "too scared to buy any baby things" phase, and have started stocking up on more cloth diapers. I have also bought the girls 12 bows each on a killer sale (you know they HAVE to have bows!!), and have bought the boys some onesies. I have TONS of girl clothes left from Ella and from my awesome friends with hand me downs, and have 2 other friends handing down some boy clothes soon, so hopefully I wont have to buy too many clothes for them! I am trying to find nursery furniture now, but having a hard time deciding what I want, and the girls room is a little small, so that is not helping. But it has the biggest closet so I know they will need that later on. 

My body is actually doing good so far this pregnancy. I have packed on almost 39 pounds (holy crap!), which is awfully close to the 45-50 pounds they wanted me to gain by 20 weeks, so I am doing pretty good with that! But then again I've never had a problem packing on pounds, ha! I also amazingly passed my gestational diabetes test, but my doctor will check again soon because I will more than likely get it this pregnancy. My thyroid is also hanging in strong and I have only needed one adjustment on my thyroid meds this pregnancy, and that was in the very beginning. I almost feel like things are going a little too well for a quad pregnancy, and that makes me a little nervous! But it's way better than something being wrong, so I don't know what I am complaining about! Here is a little visual of my big ole' belly, it's pretty crazy! I just can't imagine how I am going to be able to grow for another 10+ weeks, a womans body is truly amazing!!
Here is a cute pic of Ella "feeding" the babies milk!  :) I can't get it turned the right way, sorry, I am not a computer genius person. 

And another one of her after eating some "chocolate bread", which is just bread with Nutella, love that stuff!

Okay, I don't know why these are sideways, they are right side up when I go to put them on here, then they are sideways when I do.... who knows. I will fix them when I figure it out! ANYWAYS. It's hard to believe Ella is already two and a half! This is such a FUN age! She is so imaginative, creative, and smart. She is so silly and funny, and also very sweet. She minds her manners well, although we are still working on some of them!  ;) She is VERY affectionate, which we love!! We are so blessed and lucky to have her, she is an amazing little girl. She is also a HUGE drama queen and can't stand to hear "no"... although I don't either so I can't blame her! I feel like this blog is so much about the quads, I wanted to share a little bit about her! Being a Mom is everything I have ever dreamed it would be, but so much more. I never imagined you could love someone else so much, and I am so excited to add 4 more sweet babies to our family!