Monday, January 23, 2012

And the babies are.....

HEALTHY so far, which is of course the most important thing! I haven't yet shared this blog with people I know in real life (I need to do that asap), but if you knew me, you would know that I am insanely gender obsessed! It didn't really matter WHAT genders (although I did hope for at least one of each), but I just had to know! I was the same way with Ella, although I did want a girl very badly with her.  :) ANYWAY! We had our elective gender scan today! It was a blast and I was so thankful all babies were moving and kicking around everywhere, I always get SO nervous before an ultrasound worried that one may not be there anymore. Morbid, I know, but it's just a huge fear. After I saw that I could focus on finding out the genders! We didn't get any cute profile shots since it was just a gender scan... but here are the goods!

Introducing Abby Reese! Baby A is a GIRL!

Introducing Carson Eli! Baby B is a BOY!
 Here is Allie Claire- Baby C is a GIRL!

And last but not least, here is Corbin (Jacob?)- Baby D is a BOY!!

We are so excited to add 2 little boys and 2 more girls to our family! We took Ella to the ultrasound, she was not all that impressed, she just wanted to play with their toys. But I guess that is what you get from a 2 year old!  ;) When we came home and watched the video of the ultrasound again, and turned it off, she kept asking where her babies went. She loves my belly and loves the idea of babies being in there, but I don't think she really understands that they are real babies, and that they will be coming out to live with us!! The other day she brought some sprinkles and put them in my belly button, telling me she wanted to feed the babies sprinkles, it was so cute! She always sticks 2 fingers in my belly button and tries to rip my stomach open, and gets upset because she can't get the babies out. She is such a sweet girl and is very gentle and kind with babies (although jealous a lot of the time when Daddy or I hold them), so I am hoping she does well with them when they come home!

I am growing, growing, growing. Although I don't mind my stomach growing of course, it is a little hard for me to see the rest of me balloon up. But I know it has to happen in order for me to gain all the weight I need for the babies... so I just have to suck it up!!  Here is a pic of my 16 week belly!

I also wanted to share this awesome necklace a good friend of mine, Dottie, had made for me! It represents the quads, and my sweet Ella as well! She is always so thoughtful, and I will cherish this gift forever! I am very lucky to have her as a friend, along with a few other amazing friends as well!

 Well, I guess that is it for today, folks! We are on cloud 9 and just so blessed and happy! We will be approaching the difficult part of the pregnancy soon, I will go on bed rest in 2 weeks. So any prayers or positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated, I hope and pray daily that I can carry these babies for a LONG time!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There are real babies in there!!

We had another ultrasound last week at 14 weeks, and all 4 babies are still going strong!! They were going crazy in there and it was so amazing to see them again! They grew quite a bit, and were all punching/kicking the others in their heads.  ;) Here are a few photos

Baby A's sweet little profile!

 Baby B face shot, and I think that is Baby A to the right.

Baby C's little profile. I love profile shots!

Last but not least, Baby D's profile.

I will post a photo of my ever growing belly with the next post! I have grown a ton in the last month, it is pretty crazy! We will not have another growth scan with the doctor until 18 weeks. We are going to The Inside Story elective ultrasound place on Monday (16 weeks) to see if we can determine all of the babies genders. Yes, some may call me crazy, but I go crazy not knowing the genders of the babies, and if I can know 2 weeks sooner I am going to! Haha I also went there when I was 16 weeks pregnant with Ella to find out her gender, and I also had two 3D/4D ultrasounds there with her as well. The place is awesome! Plus, its great to get another peek at your baby/babies!! Especially in this situation, I don't like going long between ultrasounds because I love the reassurance that they are all okay and growing well!

There is really not much to report! Things are going pretty good at this point, although we know it can change at any time. I will update again on Monday after our ultrasound!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Not much going on!

It's been a few weeks since I have been able to blog, I am finally recovering from the holiday madness.  :) Our Christmas was wonderful, Ella had a blast, and we really enjoyed spending time with all of our family. We had our NT scan done 2 days before Christmas, and everything looked perfect with all 4 babies!! They are growing well, and are all actually measuring ahead of dates now instead of behind. I was so relieved to know that everything looks okay so far, I was really worried knowing there was 4x the chance of something being wrong (since there are 4 babies, not because they had increased chances). The tech also took a guess at the genders for us by using the nub method, and she guessed babies A&D are girls, and baby C is a boy. Baby B would not straighten out his spine so we could see the true angle of the nub, but it looked like a boy to me.  ;) This is not really accurate, only about 75% accurate or so, but it was fun to take a guess! We should know the genders with great certainty in about 2-3 weeks! We have 2 girl names picked out, and another that we really like, but we can not come up with a single boy name!! It's driving me crazy but I have always had a hard time picking out boy names.

We had a little scare this past Friday with having contractions. I had been having them for a couple of days but they started coming all the time on Friday. They had me go to L&D and everything was fine with all of the babies, and my cervix was still long and closed. Now we just have to go to more frequent doctors appointments to make sure my cervix is not thinning. Other than that, everything is going great so far! I have really put on some weight the past couple of weeks and I am almost up 20 pounds, which sounds crazy for not even 14 weeks yet! The nutritionist set my goal for 45-50 pounds by 20 weeks, I really hope I can get close to that! There's really not much more to report, which is a good thing!