Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fat to Fit: Week 1

Weight has always been a struggle of mine. I have never been a naturally thin person, and I have ranged from "lose another pound and you look like a skeleton" to where I am at now. I have to bust my butt by hardcore exercise and a pretty strict diet to lose weight, and have to continue to workout or I will gain it back. Pregnancy obviously jacks up my weight, and for some reason breastfeeding brings it up even more. I was never the lucky one who lost weight by nursing, I steadily gained weight until I weaned Ella at a year old, and it looks like I am following the same trend this go round. I have hypothyroidism, and it has to be managed just right for me to lose the weight. I have a follow up check in a couple of weeks, and I think it may be off a bit, but not by much because I don't feel like complete death. But I'm not going to wait, I am completely over being overweight. It's not only about being thin and looking better, but I want to FEEL better. I have 5 kids to keep up with, and it's also important to me to set the right kind of example for my children.

So what's my plan? To start off, I am going to do Couch to 5K. I completed my first night tonight, and let's just say I'm pretty out of shape! I was pretty fit before I got pregnant with the quads, so this is a big difference for me. But, I have to start somewhere, and Couch to 5K seems simple enough! I also plan on starting back Weight Watchers next week, I have had really great success with it before. I tried to start back a couple of weeks ago, but I did not have the right foods in the house and I was STARVING. Nursing 4 babies is no joke when it comes to the hunger department, I am burning roughly 1,500 calories a day just by making milk, so of course that has to go back in with food. I am going to do a big shopping trip this weekend and get everything I need!

My overall goal is to lose 50 pounds. This is going to take quite a while, especially if I can keep up with breastfeeding a while longer. I do not want to lose my milk supply, so the goal is 1-1.5 pounds a week after the first two weeks. Also, I am signing up for Warrior Dash, it is on March 16th, and it's a 5K run/obstacle course. I think I can get in shape in 6 months, even if I can't meet my weight loss goal by then!

I will be taking "before" photos and measurements tomorrow so I can follow my progress closely. I need to blog about this so I can be held accountable. If I put it out there, I have to do it, right?! Here I go!


  1. Sounds like a plan! I was on your birth board too. I started exercising at 6 weeks post-partum, and I was shocked how hard it was; I definitely lost a lot of fitness during pregnancy! I did C25K about 3 or 4 years ago and became passionate about running. Then I got an IT band injury. It's been over a year since I've run. I'm busy getting strong again now and am hoping to start running again soon. I may do C25K again (or something similar.)

  2. I love reading about your sweet family and though I haven't commented before I want to encourage you on your weight loss journey. I've been on WW since June. I had my thyroid removed a very long time ago and I wrestle with getting my replacement meds "just right" at times, so I understand your situation. Best of luck!

  3. Good job girl! You are smart for taking control of the situation and doing things your way. We have to find something that works for our schedules and needs with so many kiddos to keep up with! You're such a fantastic mom and you are already setting such a wonderful example for your family. can't wait to see you!! xo

  4. Working out after bed rest is no easy thing! I remember! Give yourself some grace! Good luck! You can do it!

  5. Good luck. I pray this is a positive thing in your life that you can work on. I pray it's not a pressure, but instead is something that gives you more energy and confidence. Slow and steady wins the race! Good on you for your commitment.