Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There are real babies in there!!

We had another ultrasound last week at 14 weeks, and all 4 babies are still going strong!! They were going crazy in there and it was so amazing to see them again! They grew quite a bit, and were all punching/kicking the others in their heads.  ;) Here are a few photos

Baby A's sweet little profile!

 Baby B face shot, and I think that is Baby A to the right.

Baby C's little profile. I love profile shots!

Last but not least, Baby D's profile.

I will post a photo of my ever growing belly with the next post! I have grown a ton in the last month, it is pretty crazy! We will not have another growth scan with the doctor until 18 weeks. We are going to The Inside Story elective ultrasound place on Monday (16 weeks) to see if we can determine all of the babies genders. Yes, some may call me crazy, but I go crazy not knowing the genders of the babies, and if I can know 2 weeks sooner I am going to! Haha I also went there when I was 16 weeks pregnant with Ella to find out her gender, and I also had two 3D/4D ultrasounds there with her as well. The place is awesome! Plus, its great to get another peek at your baby/babies!! Especially in this situation, I don't like going long between ultrasounds because I love the reassurance that they are all okay and growing well!

There is really not much to report! Things are going pretty good at this point, although we know it can change at any time. I will update again on Monday after our ultrasound!!

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